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About Edge data

Edge data, combined with blockchain technology, presents a promising solution for addressing numerous operational challenges across various industries, particularly in supply chain management. Edge data offers innovative solutions to address operational challenges in various use cases such as food safety, product quality tracking, agricultural productivity, and livestock monitoring. By leveraging real-time data collection, secure data sharing, and automated processes, organizations can achieve greater transparency, efficiency, and trust within their supply chains

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Edge data monitors temperature and humidity with IOT technology, it becomes easier to track the journey of food products. Any deviations from the required conditions can be recorded in real-time, enabling quick identification of potential hazards or contamination points. This enhances transparency and trust in the food supply chain, ultimately ensuring safer products for consumers

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Discover the Future of Pharmaceutical Traceability with Onelign Traceability. Join us in ensuring the integrity of prescription drugs and building trust throughout the supply chain.

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