NOSQL / Bigdata

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Experience the next evolution in application development with our NoSQL/Big Data services. Our Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud Service offers seamless support for documents, fixed schema, and key-value database models, ensuring lightning-fast response times and high availability through data replication. From personalized experiences to seamless content and catalog management, mobile applications, and real-time fraud detection, our platform empowers you in exploring myriad other possibilities. Our NoSQL Database Cloud Service provides the foundation for innovation.


  • Effortlessly scale compute and storage on demand, independently tailored to NoSQL table capacities.
  • Detect and predict hardware or software failures automatically, rerouting API requests for seamless operation.
  • Ensure immediate data availability with three copies stored across separate fault domains.
  • Enjoy fast, reliable performance with single-digit millisecond response times, even under high throughput demands.
  • Transparent pricing model with no hidden fees or minimum commitments, ensuring simplicity and predictability across all regions.

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