Oracle Golden Gate

GoldenGate is an end-to-end platform for working with all types of Fast Data.


Oracle Cloud customers use GoldenGate as a real-time data networking platform that provides managed service for users to design, orchestrate, execute, and monitor their data replication as well as leverage stream data processing solutions. GoldenGate is used for all kinds of solutions, but the most common is for database replication including for use cases that keep data highly available, replicating valuable data transactions, or for real-time loading of data warehouses. In recent times, some of the new and popular use cases for GoldenGate are ingestion of data into data lakes, data transformations in streaming pipelines, time-series analytics on streaming data, and alerting on real-time data events.


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Oracle GoldenGate is the perfect solution for organizations needing to access disparate data across the enterprise quickly and without impacting performance.

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